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pocket option philippines "I am running for Congress because I have the education, experience, training, skills, and ability to help. I am a long time advocate for kids, health care, credit reform, finance reform, and prevention - health and occupational.

When the mega businesses revealed their financial greed and schemes in 2007, then closed doors, dumped workers, and ran off with the money, President Obama was able to keep us from a deep depression - WE NEED JOBS and HOUSING NOW!!!  I will WORK FOR YOU IN DC!!!!


GOODWIN has 2 doctorates - medicine and law 


pocketoption With my background as a physician in women's health, mental health, and preventive medicine, I can help Congress address and solve some of the important issues that confront us today.

I am a member of the California Democratic State Central Committee and President of an organization dedicated to help resolve issues with California's correctional funding, safety and medical care. 

In  July 2012, I created the Congressional Action Office, a non-partisen organization to incite elected congressional representatives to act on legislation and listen to the needs of constituents. I serve as the president and chair of the CAO.

The CAO is not connected with the new group Office for Action started by OFA and publicized by FLOTUS Michelle Obama January 19,2013, but CAO is happy to work with and support OFA.  


As a private business person and entreprenuer, I understand the problems and complexity of starting a business, hiring staff and budgeting to make a profit.

I will work to make your business successful.

I am not a professional politician. I am a regular worker, like you, and I have the same types of issues and concerns that you have.

I know what you want from Congress.


With my Juris Doctorate, law degree, I do mediation and arbitration, so I know how to interact with people and solve real problems quickly and successfully.

https://pocketoption.com.ph As an arbitrator, I am a judge on the Air Hearing Board. Our board monitors air and water quality and works with corporations to bring them into compliance to reduce air and water pollution.

I am an ecologist and I will work to keep our air, water, and land safe and beautiful for generations to come.


As a Madera Unified School Board Trustee, I was able to help successfully cut costs and encourage student educational success. I started the "Farm-to-School" Program (which was not supported by the supintendent),

and brought fresh fruits and vegetables to our kids. The program currently has grown and brings in over $400,000 annually. 

I also donated around $50,000 over the 4 years I served on the MUSD board to the MUSD general fund to be used directly for student education.

I also as a member of the MUSD board started the MRSA program, the Valley Fever Awareness Program, I tried to start a Sports Head Concussion Program, but the other board members were not interested and rejected the concussion program. 

I also pushed for alternate energy usage by MUSD and got the lighting changed and the Solar Energy Program started. I spoke against waste and fraud and tried to curtail MUSD credit card spending (the administrators and other board members shot it down).

I spoke against building the new child care center next to the adult school and cow area at Madera South for health and safety reasons (not supported by supt or other board members).


As a teacher of physiology and biology, I understand the education process and the barriers many find in getting a degree. 



As a minority female, I know our struggles are often harder. Central Valley diversity...EVERYBODY COUNTS

I GAVE my 2 tickets from Congressman Costa for the 01/21/2013 presidential inauguration ceremony to 2 students in their twenties, so they could carry this historic event into the future. 

As a mom, I know the difficulties moms have balancing work and family including; meeting daily financial needs, handling emotional needs, and dealing with all of the other aspects of regular life.


MEMBERSHIPS: Central San Joaquin Air Quality Hearing Board (medical member), Madera County Behavioral Health Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board, Safe and Drug Free Schools, Madera American Disabilities Act Advisory Committee, CA Democratic State Central Committee. 

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