Honey Sticks

• Native Honey Sticks are made from 100% pure US wildflower honey.
• Each stick is individually wrapped for convenience and freshness.
• Sweet, healthy alternative to sugary snacks or drinks.
• Perfect snack on the go or an easy addition to your favorite beverage.
• Free of additives, preservatives, corn syrup and other artificial ingredients.

Top 10 Honey Sticks:

1. Raw Organic Honey Stick – 100% Pure Natural Unfiltered Grade A Delicious & Healthy Sweetener – 40 Pack:

• All-natural and organic honey in individual, convenient sticks • Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals

• Great for on-the-go snacking or adding sweetness to beverages or food dishes

Pros: Easy to store, carry and use; healthy; great taste.

Cons: Can be sticky when handling the sticks directly.

2. Madhava Natural Sweeteners Organic Wildflower Blossoms Raw Honey Sticks – 50 Count Bag (Pack of 1):

• USDA certified organic honey from wildflower blossoms sourced responsibly from around the world

• Gluten free, non GMO verified sweetener with no added sugar or artificial ingredients

Pros: Responsibly sourced ingredients; gluten free & non GMO verified; no added sugar/artificial ingredients

Cons: Not all sticks may have same sweetness levels due to varying sources of wildflowers used for each batch

3. Nature Nate’s 100% Pure Raw & Unfiltered All Natural Keto Certified Honeys Pouch (24 ct):

• Keto friendly sweetener with natural enzymes that promote good gut health

• Perfect as a coffee creamer replacement while also helping boost your metabolism

Pros : Low glycemic index makes it suitable for keto diets ; helps promote good gut health ; can be used as a creamer replacement .Cons : May not be suitable if you are looking specifically for pure raw unfiltered honey without any additives .

4. True Source Foods Certified Kosher Darker Color Creamy Clover Blossom Spreadable Honey Bear Jar 12 Ounce(340 g) Pack of 3 Jars :

• High quality dark color creamy clover blossom spreadable honey bear jar made with certified kosher grade A clover blossom nectar

Pros : Conveniently packaged into single serving sizes , comes in different varieties such as creamier spreads , higher grade flavors compared to other brands .

Cons : Not all jars may have same flavor profile due its variations based on source locations .

5. Crazy Richards PB Crave Peanut Butter With Real Honies Variety 4pack 16oz Total Net Weight 2lbs 4 oz.:

• Non GMO project verified creamy peanut butter infused with real honies packed into convenient squeeze packs

Pros : Conveniently packaged into single serving sizes , contains more than 20g protein per serving size which is an excellent source of energy during physical activities such as exercising etc., wide variety pack available so you can try different flavors at once without having too much waste after consuming one flavor only .

Cons: Can contain traces of nuts even though this product is manufactured using state-of–the art equipment designed especially nut free environment

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