DEAYOU 4 Pack 7 Oz Honey Pot Jars, Glass Honey Pot with Wooden Dipper and Cork Lid, Hexagon Shape Honey Container Dispenser Storage, Clear Heat-Resistant Honeypot for Home, Kitchen

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DEAYOU 4 Pack 7 Oz Honey Pot Jars, Glass Honey Pot with Wooden Dipper and Cork Lid, Hexagon Shape Honey Container Dispenser Storage, Clear Heat-Resistant Honeypot for Home, Kitchen Description

• Made of top-quality transparent sturdy glass, non-toxic for safe using.
• Matching lid cover and dipper stick made of premium natural gramineae wood.
• Strong sealing to keep honey fresh for a long time and prevent honey from dripping.
• Designed with stylish bee decor wooden dipper integrated into the cork lid.
• 4 pack clear glass hexagon shaped honey jars with matching wooden dipper and cork lid cover included in package. Benefits:
• Keeps your honey fresh for a long time and prevents it from dripping out when stored or served in these jars containers with strong sealing design lids.
• Elegant hexagonal shape design that makes them attractive pieces of decor on table or countertop as well as practical tools to serve at home or cook in kitchen conveniently without making sticky messes while spreading syrup on breads or sweetening teas/coffees evenly using wood dippers integrated into the lids.. Pros:
• Non-toxic material used to make them more hygienic than other options available out there so you can use these safely without worrying about any health hazards caused by chemicals etc .
• Perfect size allows you store various items at once which saves up space & helps organize things better plus they are easy to carry around too due their light weight construction which is also quite durable due its quality materials used throughout their production process ensuring reliability over longer periods of usage even under heavy daily uses scenarios like restaurant settings where constant refilling may be needed all day every day.. Cons: None reported yet regarding this product but do note that if left open after usage then some insects might find their way inside through small gaps not sealed properly especially if placed outdoors where chances are higher compared indoors environments usually controlled via air conditioning systems etc… Size & Weight – Product measures approx 4” total height x 2” maximum diameter x 2 opening diameter (7 ounces capacity) + item weight approximately 2 lbs per unit set containing four individual packs so 8lbs total shipping weight when ordering all four sets together). Brand – DEAYOU official dealer located Lynn, Massachusetts offering free USA shipping service along 40% discount code off regular prices applied during checkout process upon confirming orders online here today! Conclusion – Buying DEAYOU’s upgraded thick glass jars containers comes highly recommended since they offer high quality products built from top grade materials along plenty benefits worth taking advantage such us being able user friendly designs including modern bee decors attached each one its own unique red wine cork lids keeping contents fresher longer period times preventing pesky insect intrusions thus perfect ideal gift occasions friends loved ones families alike who appreciate great taste elegance functionality both decorative purposes food storage preservation related activities whether need use indoor outdoor settings always trust safety assurance certified products bearing brand name assure yourself peace mind knowing bought right product get job done right!