English Tea Store Organic Honey Sticks, Agave, 1.3 Pound

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English Tea Store Organic Honey Sticks, Agave, 1.3 Pound Description

• Perfect for mixing with any flavor tea
• Delivers a sweeter taste than honey
• Wonderful snacks for the kids Benefits:
• Great way to add natural sweetness to drinks and food without adding calories.
• Convenient size and packaging. Pros:
• Natural sweetener that has many health benefits.
• Low in calories compared to other sweeteners.
• Comes in individual packages, making it easy to use on the go or at home. Cons:
• Can be sticky if not handled properly Size & Weight: 6 inches long: 0.6 ounces per stick Brand Name : Honey Sticks Location of Our Shop : Lynn, Massachusetts Free USA Shipping For All Orders : Yes 40% Discount On All Orders : Yes Conclusion about buying – Honey sticks are a great way of adding natural sweetness into your drinks or food without having too much added sugar or extra calories! With free USA shipping and an amazing 40% discount on all orders from our shop located in Lynn, Massachusetts, now is definitely the time to buy this wonderful product!